The Bonneau Law Firm will never try to talk you into hiring us. If we don’t believe we can actually put more money in your pocket than you can by handling it on your own, we will tell you so...

You can download "The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Settling Your Case Without a Lawyer" Book for free!

Yes, you read it right. FOR FREE! It is designed specifically to help people who are looking for information in getting their car accident claims settled.

Why would an experienced, personal injury attorney who handles lots of cases each year write a book that teaches people how to settle their own case without an attorney? Why would an attorney risk the wrath of his fellow attorneys, especially those who run ads and create internet

Because we are here to help people, and because you can settle a small car accident case on your own. Each year hundreds of Texas accident victims contact me seeking help with their car accident claim. Despite the claims made in most lawyer ads, many of the smaller claims can be handled by anyone who understands the process and is willing to do all of the work necessary.

The truth is that many of those lawyer ads which try to scare you into “Hiring me now" know that they often cannot add anything to your small car accident case that you could not get from the insurance company on your own. Yet these same lawyers gladly take up to 40 percent of your settlement for their “help”.​

The information in this book has been used by Texas Trial Attorney, Hunt Bonneau to settle thousands of personal injury claims, bring justice to thousands of victims, and create safer communities through accountability.

Hunt Bonneau is a Christian Attorney who’s an expert in personal injury cases, brain injury/concussion, and car and truck crashes. He’s been in service since 1996 and won many cases with significant results to his clients. On a personal side, Bonneau believes we all are the hands and feet of Jesus and often creates content applying the wisdom God provides in his word, into a format that can be applied in today's world.

Hunt has been active in his social media accounts providing free information and resources for free to everyone.

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Every year insurance companies spend millions of dollars a year in advertising to convince you that they are on your side. However, they don’t tell you that they make more money by not providing you full recovery for your injuries.

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