What Do I Do If I’ve Been In A Car Accident?

car wreck


If anyone is injured, you should call the local police to the scene. It is critical that a police officer evaluates the circumstances, take statements from people who saw the accident and prepare a report. Insurance companies often tell their drivers to refrain from admitting fault at the scene. That is why the police officer and his report are often the best evidence in your case. Then, have someone take several pictures of the vehicles at the scene before you leave.

If You Have Any Injuries

If you are hurt, go to the ER, or seek medical attention from a reputable doctor. Go to the doctor immediately after the crash. Insurance companies may accuse you of faking your injuries if you delay your treatment. Follow the medical professional’s advice and seek further/continued treatment if it is necessary.

Speak with an attorney about your legal options (free consultation). Insurance companies are in business to make a profit and their adjusters are trained to reduce the value of your potential claim if you are not represented by an experienced injury lawyer. DO NOT talk with the other driver’s insurance company! Instead, ask that any further communication is direct to your lawyer.