We have been blessed with opportunities to help many families who have been the victims of negligence. Although the success of these cases cannot be representative of what your case may be worth, you owe it to yourself to find a lawyer you can trust with this important issue in your life. The following is a list of only a few “victories” we have achieved in the very recent past:

$3,000,000.00 Medical Malpractice

Rick, a high school basketball coach, spent time researching for an experienced lawyer but found that most of the lawyers that advertised, were not lawyers he felt proud to be associated with. Rick wanted someone who would give him individual attention and who actually cared about people. The case involved a medical laboratory that tested for cancer and which put profits over safety by pushing its employees to work too fast when handling tissue slides.

As a result, Rick’s healthy specimen was mixed with a different body tissue of someone else, that tested positive for cancer. Mistakenly thinking Rick had cancer, his doctors required Rick to undergo surgeries and procedures that would eventually limit his mobility and permanently affect his ability to function normally. The laboratory refused to admit that their policies were designed to go faster than what is safe, and so Hunt was forced to do extensive research and private investigations to “find” and “dig up” proof.

Hunt searched to find former employees who had moved off to other cities and states who could testify about the company’s unsafe procedures. In the end, Hunt found the “smoking gun”, which was the actual employee who confused the laboratory slides leading to Rick’s injury. She admitted that she had been pressured by the laboratory to go faster and faster until it was impossible to do her job safely.

After she made the mistake, the company, in order to hide her from Hunt and his team, fired her and did not disclose where she went. Ultimately, the firm’s extensive investigations and refusal to accept no as an answer, generated a 3 million dollar settlement.

$2,400,000.00 Products Liability

The Bonneau law firm was honored to represent a family who was the victim of poor engineering from a car and tire manufacturer. The tire in question had a tendency to come apart after it reached certain speeds and certain temperatures. After coming apart, the vehicle was designed in a way that made it “turn and roll” under certain predictable conditions.

The Bonneau Law Firm’s clients were a Texas family who was riding on the highway when the tire de-treaded and the vehicle rolled, killing one of the occupants and hurting 3 others. As a result of the firm’s financial resources, the family was able to “go to bat” with one of the richest companies in America, and force them to compensate the family for all of the medical bills, lost wages and a list of other damages that they incurred as a result of the unsafe tire and car.

$450,000.00 Concussion

Christy went through 3 different lawyers before finding Hunt. The previous lawyers dismissed Christy saying that frankly, they did not believe she could have suffered a real concussion because her car did not look like it had been in a very big crash. When she came to Hunt, she was suffering from memory loss, forgetfulness, focus, difficulty communicating and headaches. She became irritable and rude and her family and friends no longer enjoyed her company. Further, because of some prior history at a psychological hospital, no attorney was willing to “get on board” with financial resources to work the case.

First, Hunt vigorously re-examined her medical records to make sure that previous doctors and lawyers had accurately analyzed her condition. Hunt used the help of his medical team consisting of medical doctors, psychologists, and neuropsychologists to tie up loose ends in the medical history in order to get a clear and honest picture of what Christy was actually suffering from.

Hunt spent the time and money to prepare the case for a trial in a way that showed her injuries in a truthful light that was fair and based on medical reason. This resulted in an insurance company’s willingness to reexamine the case in a new light and see a viewpoint they knew a jury would see…that Christy had suffered real injuries that would affect her the rest of her life.

Hunt stated regarding the case, “… at first glance, when you looked at the lack of damage to her car and pre-existing medical conditions, it was easy to dismiss any claim that she had been hurt. But concussions are a unique injury that many times get overlooked initially by ER rooms and attorneys not skilled at detecting the subtle nuances of the injury. I am in the people business and I look for truth tellers when I look for clients, because I believe people who are judging us, (i.e. Insurance companies, juries, doctors), demand that we are truthful.

When I met Christy I knew it was a case I HAD to take, whether I wanted to or not. She was a truth-teller and I just wanted to help her. After meeting her, and dissecting her records with our medical team, we knew her injuries were not only real but devastating to her. Even though we were not sure we could explain it well in the beginning, but we knew we were telling the truth. And if we could figure out a way to get the truth communicated in a clear way, then justice would prevail. This time, justice prevailed.”

$1,175,000.00 Car Accident

The most significant factor in this case was the hurdle of explaining how someone can get catastrophically hurt, despite low property damage. RB is a client that was hit by a reckless driver who was not following basic safety rules. We were able to show that a pre-existing condition she had, actually made her more susceptible for obtaining a much greater injury than what a normal person would suffer in a similar crash.

Even though the insurance company forced us to file a lawsuit, and forced us to prepare for trial for over a year, we stuck to the principle that safety rules can only protect us, if we chose to enforce them. For the Bonneau Law Firm, we felt like that started with us.

Later we ask the insurance company to enforce the safety rules with their insureds, and if they won’t make them, then we ask juries to enforce the safety rules on the defendant. In this particular case, highlighting her pre-existing condition, and having qualified doctors explain the vulnerability it creates, was the evidence that made the case understandable.

$170,000.00 Drunk Driving Accident

A former member of MADD’s North Texas advisory board, Hunt has always had a heart for victims of drunk driving. DN is a client whose case obtained city-wide press and TV news coverage because the drunk driver had been “overserved” by the bar he had been drinking at. When it became apparent that the driver was financially unable to pay for the damages he caused, an investigation of the bar was conducted.

During that investigation, it was found that over 16 drinks had been served to the defendant by the same bar in just a few hours. Bars are required to follow safety rules that prevent drunk driving and protect everyone on the road. When those rules are broken, catastrophic injuries and death are foreseeable. When those rules are enforced, all of us are protected. Ultimately, DN was able to be compensated for a fair amount, and safety rules were incorporated at the bar to make sure it never happened again.

$465,000.00 Sexual Harassment/Employment

JD was an 18-year-old female orphan who was living with her grandmother. Her story in not unlike many sexual assault cases where the predator is able to identify vulnerable young lady’s and take advantage of their vulnerabilities. JD was hired by a predator who was able to see that, she was desperate for a job, she had no father to watch over her, and few family members were keeping up with when she came and went.

The predator worked for a well-known drug chain in the Dallas area. The drug chain was aware that the predator had assaulted other young girls prior to the events with JD, yet failed to terminate him. Without going into the graphic details it can be said that the predator took advantage of JD requiring her to quit her job and seek counseling.

The Bonneau Law Firm worked to obtain a settlement that allowed JD to get all the medical and psychological care she needed as well as the lost wages. Hunt Bonneau also insisted that the drug chain be held responsible for firing the predator, and implement safety rules so that this would never happen to someone else. In the end, JD had the resources to start over under brighter circumstances, and the workforce at a certain drug chain in Dallas is a safer place to work.

$1,000,000.00 Construction Site Accident

Client received $500,000.00, after attorney fees and expenses.

$1,000,000.00 Back Injury

Injury was due to a car accident. Client received $550,000.00, after attorney fees, expenses, and medical liens.

$750,000.00 Brain & Spine Injury

Injury was due to a car accident. Client received $425,000.00, after attorney fees, expenses, and medical liens.

$225,000.00 Shopping Mall Parking Lot Slip & Fall

Client received $113,000.00 after attorney fees, expenses, and medical liens.

$500,000.00 Cyclist Hit By Motor Vehicle

Client received $285,000.00 after attorney fees, expenses, medical liens.

$250,000.00 Car Wreck Rear End Collision

Client received $145,000.00 after attorney fees, expenses, and medical liens.

Client Reviews

The Bonneau Law Firm are an excellent group to work with. Many lawyers say they care, but this firm says it and means it. There is no long process and they work with a team of doctors that care about you as well. Car wrecks are an inconvenience but working with The Bonneau Law Firm was a joy. Chad Eaton took really good care of me and my Mom. He took our thoughts and feelings into consideration before any decisions were made. The Bonneau Law Firm will exceed your expectations. – Jasmine Jhounkin

The thing about Hunt is that I knew he was working hard and was trying to help me through out my case. He believed in my brain injury and fought to make the people who hit my car believe it too. I did get a bit of tough love on the day of my deposition but I needed it. I hope I never need a lawyer but if I do he would be my first phone call. – Amanda Dossey

I would recommend this attorney to anyone looking for great lawyer in TX. From the moment you talk to him you will see how much he cares about his clients and their well-being. If you are looking for personal injury attorney then look no further. Call him any time and you will not regret it. – Olga

My motorcycle was struck by a hit and run driver and my insurance company refused to pay any uninsured motorist medical expenses because they said there was no proof that the person hit me, I was directed to Hunt Bonneau by a mutual friend.

I met with Hunt and was convinced of his character and principles and authorized him to pursue whatever legal action was warranted. It was his investigation that turned up a witness who told of two other witnesses who had seen the accident and saw the person hit me; an account which escaped the notice of the investigating police officer. Hunt knew that the insurance company had also talked to this witness and was still refusing to pay any expenses. Hunt filed a law suit and within a couple of hours received a phone call from the insurance company offering to settle.

Additionally, Hunt and his wonderful assistant Susan Provost were able to negotiate with other involved parties a settlement amount much more reasonable than their inflated claims against us, so that we are now debt free. We actually receive a small amount of cash to repay ourselves almost all of our out of pocket expense.

Of course, Mr. Bonneau was not one of those out of pocket expenses, as he was paid only if he got results and he did. As I look at it, the insurance company ended up paying him with no risk of further encumberment to my wife and I. – Roger Manning LeBrescu

I came across Hunt’s name through the Coppell Facebook page. My son and I were T-boned by a distracted driver in May 2014 on Sandy Lake & Freeport Pkwy. I was given the run-around by State Farm (the other driver’s insurance) for close to two years. I finally gave up trying to negotiate with them directly and engaged Hunt to work with State Farm on my behalf. He was able to negotiate a reasonable settlement for me. His staff was very responsive to my inquiries and were very prudent with expenses too. Hunt was always available via text and phone for providing advice.

I highly recommend Hunt for his professionalism and customer focus. My only regret is not engaging him and his staff earlier in the process (when the accident happened) as opposed to when my statute of limitation was expiring. – Gopal Raghavan

The Bonneau Law Firm provided legal services on a injury accident. My case was handled by Hunt and was resolved in a very professional and caring manner . I would not hesitate to use them or recommend then! – Carolyn Callender